Software for performance measurement,
goal setting, and incentive compensation


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The Motivator System gives you the unprecedented ability to measure and reward performance. Motivator lets you tailor your incentive programs to your company objectives with the most extensive calculation and reporting capability available . . . and you can do it without expensive modifications or custom code. Better measurement and incentive programs produce better results, and flexible software allows you to have better programs.

Motivator helps you manage your company and motivate your people. It will:

  • Measure performance for functions, units, products, or jobs.
  • Compare results to goals.
  • Communicate those results to managers and employees.
  • Pay for performance.

To ensure that you reach your goals, Resource One provides extensive client support with the Motivator. We include installation and training assistance to help you get a quality installation and an effective program. We include full support, maintenance, and enhancements so that you can be sure that your software is always up to date. With Motivator, you have the support you need to get the results you want.

Our client base includes some of the most successful companies in the world. We have drawn upon the experience of those clients to produce the quality system that gets quality results. Motivator will work for you where it counts, on the bottom line.

Our clients have proven that coordinated measurement programs can make a real difference in results and profit. Motivator lets you administer and control all of your measurement and incentive plans from a single system. It gives you the consistency and the accuracy to ensure that those programs produce the results you expect.

The Motivator is the complete tracking, measurement, and incentive system designed to maximize performance in your company.

  • It is a tracking system. All types of products, services, balances, ratios, and percentages are readily tracked by Motivator.
  • It is an information system that provides the most comprehensive information in the industry. You get the right information quickly, and you can take the right action, now.
  • It is a motivation system. You can tie compensation to performance . . . and you can do it for all types of jobs, with all types of plans.

Motivator gives you a management tool to track performance and a motivation tool to get results. It will run hundreds of plans covering thousands of people. It is accurate; it is automatic; and it is fast.

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The Motivator Incentive Management System includes five coordinated products that may be purchased separately, or as a whole.

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