Software for performance measurement,
goal setting, and incentive compensation

Program Components

Sales Management System

The Sales Management System gives you extensive menu options for measurement, payment, and reporting. You control those options and you control your plans. From contests to variable compensation, Motivator will handle it.

Sales Management gives the user wide latitude to define products, services, values, goals, and incentives. Features like session bonus, user defined split session, simultaneous dollars and points, verified cross sale, and multiple periods are all standard in, and unique to, the Motivator. This system lets you design your sales incentives to specifically fit your jobs and your strategies.

Performance Management System

The Performance Management System expands on the functions of the Sales System with a proprietary incentive language developed by ROI. This language lets the user define essentially any kind of measure and any kind of goal. The exceptional range of function in this system lets you consolidate your measurement and incentive plans for all jobs in a single system.

The broad flexibility of the Performance System lets you apply the bank's strategic goals down to the individual, unit and product levels. Based on your plans and goals, the employees can earn a fair incentive ... an incentive connected to objective standards and reflecting their contribution to the bank's success.

Administration Control System

The Administration Control System places all the Motivator control files at your fingertips. Resource One doesn't just sell software, we want that software to work in practice, in your bank, to get real results. We have found that convenience and accuracy are not luxuries, but requirements, in a complex environment. ACS meets these requirements with clear input screens, immediate response, and positive user control.

Effective user control produces more effective measurement and incentive programs. ROI designed the Administration Control System (ACS) to complement and control the Motivator processing and online systems. ACS lets your Program Administrator manage the most complex measurement and incentive programs with ease.

If you plan to have a program with large numbers of employees, multiple or complex plans, or frequent changes, you need the ACS system. This PC based system gives you immediate mainframe access to manage and control your programs. ACS holds all your current sales and performance plans, and the options to change those plans.

The system presents your plans and options on display screens. Through these screens, the user can quickly review current plans, establish new plans, or make changes to plans and files. The system uses help panels, pull down menus, light bars, and function keys extensively to simplify all inquiry and maintenance functions.

ACS can reflect changes in or additions to:

  • Organization Structure
  • Employee Status
  • Products and Services
  • Measured Items

  • Measurement Plans
  • Incentive Plans
  • Management Overrides
  • Flexible Reporting/Screens

ROI offers ACS for single site use and a multi-copy version used by banks that want to distribute the control function by bank or state. ROI provides complete support and enhancements with all our products. Our proven record of support assures you that the Administration Control System will do the job, now and in the future.

Online Inquiry System

The Online Inquiry System provides the ability to deliver system information throughout the bank via online screens. The screen format is very flexible, supporting a wide variety of screens, including sales status, product delivery, and peer rankings. Using the Administration Control System, the bank controls both the number and the format of these screens.

The impact of any system is affected by the quality and timeliness of the information it provides. This system provides daily information in a readily usable form, at very low cost, directly to the user workstation.

Interactive Referral System

The Interactive Referral System tracks and incents high value referrals on line. It allows direct entry of referral information and provides online screens to report on referral status. It includes search capability by employee, product, originating center, destination center, date, status, and customer ID.

Delivering an expanded product line is essential to bank profitability. Getting the right customer together with the right specialist is a key requirement for this delivery. This system enhances your ability to track and close referrals between all types of areas including branches, trust, brokerage, mortgage, corporate, private banking, etc.

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