Software for performance measurement,
goal setting, and incentive compensation


Motivator is deployed at customer locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Our customers range in size from $100 million to over $200 billion. Many of our largest and most successful customers are banks in North America.

Our clients have proven that coordinated measurement programs can make a real difference in results and profit. Motivator™ lets you administer and control all of your measurement and incentive plans from a single system. It gives you the consistency and the accuracy to ensure that those programs produce the results you expect.

The Motivator system makes it possible to design incentive plans tailored to your institution's needs.

Here are a few comments from our customers:

David K. Williamson, Senior Vice President & Manager, Marketing Information Services

"At First Citizens Bank, we’ve found that Resource One Inc.’s Motivator product delivers results. It has the flexibility to help forecast our sales results and portfolio growth as well as measure our company’s performance.

Just as important to us, however, is the high level of service we receive. ROI is a business that shares our Bank’s belief that customers come first. The company sets itself apart from other software vendors and truly demonstrates service after the sale.

The associates at ROI seek to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with your company. They work with you as members of the same team. They take time to learn your business and your goals. They strive to understand what you want to accomplish. And they help you fully understand the tools they provide - so you can achieve your goals. With this focus on personalized service, ROI is a valuable, behind-the-scenes partner for our company’s sales and referral tracking, portfolio management and growth efforts."

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